Construction Administrator

Examples of our construction administrator services:

Project Manager

Some businesses are too busy or maybe not staffed to follow a construction project. They hired an architect to design the project and a builder to build it, but now their time would be best spent running the business that will pay the bills. Serving as a project manager we can represent the owner to build a code compliant design solution without compromise, delay or additional expense.

Project Coordinator

If an owner knows what he needs but doesn't know how to get from points A to Z, we can hire the appropriate professionals to design even an environmental cleanup solution, a site redesign or provisions for future expansion, securing all of the appropriate approvals, then hire by competitive selection the right contractor and represent the owner to until the ribbon is cut and a business need is satisfied.

Permit Expediter

If an out of state architect needs local help we can offer a design review and a drawing check for code compliance, local General Contractor and Subcontractor bidding and permit processing. We can even conduct construction inspections.

Assessment Reports

For a tax appeal we can prepare an assessment report. For a business plan we can help with a feasibility study or conduct a planning exercise to define a master plan, For management we can offer research or a second opinion.

Clerk of the Works

A Municipality is best represented by a professional with a specific expertise. We can represent the owner to check the design for completeness, conduct a public bid, and/or supervise or oversee construction.

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